AutoBoss V30 Auto Scanner

YCAutoTools is introducing the Autoboss V30, a truly global diagnostic tool providing flexibility and portability in a Windows CE platform:

  • Multi-languages for international market
  • Frequent internet software updates
  • Single universal connector for most vehicles, including all CAN vehicles
  • Allows scan tool operation on PC (PC-link)
  • Large VGA color touch screen

V30 Auto Scanner

  • OE level coverage for European, Asian, American and Chinese cars
  • Covers more than 50 vehicle makes
  • Access to powertrain, chassis, and body systems
  • Quick Test function to test most vehicle systems
  • Fault codes (DTC’s), Data Stream and Service Reset
  • Actuations, Adaptations, and Control Module Coding
  • Supports Multi-language for an international marketplace
  • Frequent Internet based software updates
  • CAN Bus with high/low speed
  • One OBD II connector for all CAN Bus systems
  • High resolution VGA color TFT display
  • Windows CE Operating System
  • Demo Mode for many OEM’s
  • Data graphing
  • Self-check function

PC-MAX Scanner

  • Over 40 makes, 1,000 vehicle system coverage, including CANbus systems
  • Access to Powertrain, Chassis and Body systems
  • One click "Quick Test" button to scan all ECUs
  • Live data display with waveform displays
  • Component-level and System-level activations
  • Reset and clear adaptations, calibrations and service functions
  • Hyundai and VW/ Audi immobilizer special functions
  • ECU initialization and coding
  • SAE J2534 "Pass-thru" ECU reprogramming
  • Nissan/ Infiniti idle speed self learning function
  • Frequent Internet software updates
  • Multi-language for international market demand
  • "PC-link" functions for PC operations


  • YC AutoTools is a company located in Cyprus-Europe with main activity to sell tools and garage equipment directly to shop owners and professional service technicians.
  • YC AutoTools cooperates with AutoBoss for four succesful years and is the official supplier and service provider in the country.
  • For more information and other types of tools and garage equipment click the above hyperlink to transfer you to the main website.